44 migrants on one US deportation flight tested positive for coronavirus

Health workers bring in supplies delivered by family members to a temporary shelter for Guatemalan citizens deported from the United States.

(CNN)At least 44 migrants who were on the same deportation flight from the US to Guatemala this week have tested positive for Covid-19, two Guatemalan government sources told CNN.

The migrants flew to Guatemala on an April 13 flight from Brownsville, Texas, the sources said.
Immigrant and human rights advocates have been warning for weeks that deportation flights from the United States, the country with the largest number of known coronavirus cases, could hasten the spread of the virus in other nations.
    Some who favor restricting immigration in the United States have suggested accelerating the pace of deportation flights in response to concerns about the virus spreading in ICE detention facilities.
    During a live televised address Thursday night, Guatemala's presidential spokesman Carlos Sandoval said both countries were working closely "to revalidate the health status of Guatemalans returned in recent days," adding that Covid-19 tests "would be carried out again on the cases that tested positive and also on the people who tested negative" in both countries.
    An ICE spokesperson told CNN Thursday that "the health and welfare of detainees in ICE custody is of the highest priority to the agency. ICE closely follows (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidance as a standard practice and particularly in response to the changing dynamic of this global pandemic. Currently, CDC is on the ground in Guatemala to review and validate the Covid-19 tests performed on those arriving from ICE Air flights. Once results are available, ICE will determine whether to re-evaluate current me