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We’ve heard from numerous health and government agencies that the best way to prevent the transmission of the novel coronavirus is to wash your hands with soap and water.

But the latest PSA from Blue Ivy Carter, the eight-year-old daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, takes the prize for being the cutest.

In an Instagram video posted on Saturday by her grandma Tina Knowles, Blue shows viewers how a little soap can help eliminate the virus.

“Hey y’all,” Blue says in the video, which has been viewed nearly 50,000 times. “And since we’re stuck at home, I have this little DIY experiment that you can do at home too.”

She uses a bowl of water that has specks of pepper in it to represent the coronavirus. She then swirls her finger in some soap and then sticks her finger into the bowl, which causes the pepper to disperse away from her finger.

“This is why it’s very important to wash your hands,” Blue says.

Blue’s experiment is similar to one posted by pre-kindergarten teacher Amanda Lorenzo, which went viral after she shared it on Instagram in March. It has over half a million views to date.

Fans are sounding off their love for Blue’s video in the comments section.

“Blue for President,” one comment says. “Such a smart little girl,” another comment reads.

Blue wasn’t the only member of her family to deliver an important coronavirus-related message this weekend.

During the “One World: Together at Home” concert, Beyoncé honored the sacrifices of the “true heroes” of this pandemic, including health care workers and others on the frontlines of the pandemic.

“We continue to pray for your safety,” the singer said. She then talked about how black Americans are disproportionately being affected by the crisis

“Please protect yourselves. We are one family, and we need you. We need your voices, your abilities and your strength all over this world,” Beyoncé said.

Blue ended her video with her own words of wisdom.

“Peace out. I hope you guys are staying safe. Wash your hands extra and please stay at home. Love ya’ll. Bye.”