Here's the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic

Updated 1759 GMT (0159 HKT) April 23, 2020

(CNN)The impacts of the novel coronavirus are wide-ranging and relentless: Hospitals are overtaxed. Unemployment has soared. Daily life is on an indefinite pause.

Comprehending the toll the coronavirus has taken is complicated. Its spread may not end for weeks or months more.
The following numbers may help you make sense of it. Here are the ways -- in dollars, percentages and lives -- that coronavirus has knocked the world off its axis.


The number of countries and territories that have reported Covid-19 cases. There are cases reported on every continent except Antarctica.


The position the US holds for coronavirus cases worldwide. The US has had more cases -- and more deaths -- than any other country. Spain has the second-highest number of coronavirus cases, and Italy comes in third, according to data from Johns Hopkins University Covid-19 dashboard.


The number of predicted coronavirus deaths in the US even if all mitigation efforts are followed, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci. the country's top medical expert on the coronavirus pandemic. The last US pandemic, the H1N1 virus, killed an estimated 12,469 in the US, according to the CDC. And the 2017-2018 flu season, the deadliest one in a decade, killed an estimated 61,000 -- less than one-third of Fauci's prediction.
CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta called the projected coronavirus death toll "optimistic."

April 14

The day the US reached its highest number of coronavirus deaths in one day, with 2,405. That figure is a huge spike from just one month ago -- on March 14, there were