Why does the Queen have two birthdays – and how is she spending them this year?

British monarchs have enjoyed two birthdays since the 18th century.
London CNN  — 

Anyone unlucky enough to have their birthday fall in the middle of a global pandemic may be planning two big days this year – one on the actual date, and another when they can finally celebrate with friends.

On that front, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is well ahead of the curve.

The monarch has enjoyed two birthdays a year since she ascended the throne, and the tradition actually started a lot further back than that.

The Queen’s real birthday is April 21, meaning she turns 94 on Tuesday.

But she reaches for her party hat again in June. British monarchs have doubled up on the festivities since the 18th century, holding an “official” birthday each year for a public celebration, and tending to celebrate more privately on the real date.