A California city filled its skate park with sand to deter skateboarders. Then the dirt bikes showed up.

The dirt bikers, in action.

(CNN)Officials in one California city thought they had what it would take to keep people away from a local skate park: 37 tons of sand.

They were wrong.
While the skateboarders at Ralphs Skate Court in San Clemente, California, were temporarily deterred by the city's attempt to enforce the state's strict social distancing measures put in place to fight the coronavirus, a group of dirt bikers was only encouraged.
Connor Ericsson, a 25-year-old content creator with Buttery Films, told CNN he saw the parks filled with sand on the news and thought it would be a good opportunity to take some dirt bikes to the park.
Video he posted to Instagram showed the bikers popping wheelies and launching off the park's jumps.