Vadim Muntagirov as Basilio in Don Quixote, performed at the Royal Opera House in 2019
How ballet dancers train during a lockdown
02:53 - Source: CNN
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It was a Tuesday afternoon, and a work colleague wanted me to help her answer a question.

I said sure, but not right away.

“I have to take my musical theater dance class first,” I added.

That afternoon at 3 p.m., I put my “stepped out” sign on Slack and headed to the Facebook page of my friend, choreographer Christopher Noffke.

A few dozen of us Noffke followers shrugged anxiety off our shoulders, snapped our super-dry fingers to the beat and flicked our toes as Idina Menzel asked us poor souls, “Don’t you want to be the life of the party?” (It’s from Andrew Lippa’s Broadway smash hit or whatever, “The Wild Party.”)

Oh, Idina! Any party, virtual or real, will do at this point.

Noffke is one of a flock of dancers and instructors around the world who are hosting a tidal wave of weekly dance classes on Facebook, Zoom and Instagram Live. Most are free or only request a donation, even though Noffke and other class teachers are often out of work.

Noffke said his class gives him a creative outlet during a difficult time.

“I wasn’t ready to shut the door and just, you know, go under the sheets,” Noffke said. “I look forward to that hour that I get to spend with all these people.”

Dance like nobody’s watching