Try this couch workout and feel better about binge-watching TV

Dana Santas gets off her couch and demonstrates the single-leg variation on the elevated hip bridge, one of the exercises in this total-body routine that you can do if you're self-isolating at home.

(CNN)If you've been spending hours on your couch lately, you're not alone.

From "Tiger King" to "Ozark," binge-watching has been a common couch-based activity during our safer-at-home circumstances. But too much sedentary time is not good for our physical or mental health.
Try this total-body couch workout to get your body moving through all three planes of motion: sagittal (forward/backward), frontal (side to side) and transverse (rotating), as well as fundamental movements: squat, hinge, push and pull.

    Set up your space

    This is truly a couch-based workout; no special fitness equipment is needed — just your couch and two pillows. If you don't have throw pillows, you can use bed pillows. Additionally, you may want to have a towel to place over your couch in case you start to get sweaty.