German hairdressers reopen after six weeks -- but in Berlin, you need to fill out a questionnaire to get a cut

A hairdresser wears a face mask as he cuts a customer's hair in Dortmund, Germany, on Monday.

(CNN)Hair salons in Germany have finally opened their doors after weeks of lockdown -- but Germans desperate to fix their overgrown locks must make appointments and even fill out questionnaires, as hairdressers deal with huge demand.

Sites have been allowed to open from Monday after six weeks of closure, as Germany starts to creep out of its economic paralysis.
But hair salons are subject to strict restrictions -- cuts are by appointment only, and social distancing requirements have forced them to operate well below capacity.
    "Most of the customers have two centimeters of roots showing," celebrity hairdresser Udo Walz told CNN. "Some of them tried to cut their hair themselves or cover up the color, but that usually went wrong."
    Walz, who has styled hair for Marlene Dietrich, Nancy Reagan and Gwyneth Paltrow, said he has been giving advice over the phone to customers. "Everyone is wearing masks, the customers, the hairdressers," Walz added of the scene in his salon on Monday.
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