Should you take your child to the pediatrician during a pandemic

Going anywhere during a pandemic is difficult but getting to medical appointments is even more fraught. Whether you need to get to the pediatrician, dentist, vet, internist or hospital, this five-part series from CNN Science and Wellness has you covered.

(CNN)It was after midnight when Leslie Rowe woke up on April 11. Her 9-year-old son, Zaiden, was in tears, saying he had an intense pain in his groin.

At any other time, said Rowe, who lives in Collierville, Tennessee, she would have headed straight to the emergency room. "He was crying, he was in pain," Rowe said. "I was scared."
But Rowe's family has been practicing strict social distancing since March 13. With close relatives whose preexisting conditions make them especially vulnerable to Covid-19, she's even limiting trips to the grocery store as much as possible.
    Rowe called the emergency room at Spence and Becky Wilson Baptist Children's Hospital in Memphis, then decided it was time for Zaiden to go in. While Rowe stayed at home with her toddler, Zaiden's father took him to the children's hospital's emergency room.
    Dr. Jennifer Shu, a pediatrician at Georgia's Children's Medical Group, said Rowe made the right call by reaching out to a children's hospital.
    "If you can take them to a children's ER, that's the best way to go," Dr. Shu said. "Coronavirus isn't hitting children as severely as it is adults. At least in our area, that means that children's hospitals are way less busy than the adult hospitals."
    As Americans adjust to social-distancing during coronavirus, many are wondering how best to care for their children's medical needs.
    "A lot of them are just nervous about going out because they don't want to be exposed to anything," Dr. Shu said. "They're being very cautious, which is great."