A teacher is caring for her student's newborn brother because his mom is recovering from Covid-19

Luciana Lira and her husband, Alex, are caring for Baby Neysel while his family is recovers from Covid-19.

(CNN)An elementary school teacher in Connecticut ​says she is taking care of a newborn baby boy after getting a phone call from a student's mother who was eight months pregnant, when she was hospitalized suddenly with Covid-19 symptoms.

Baby Neysel turned 1-month-old over the weekend, but his parents, Zully and Marvin, have not been able to hold him.
Instead, Neysel is staying with Luciana Lira, one of their 7-year-old son's teachers, who agreed to care for the baby until it is safe for him to come home.
"I'm hoping it's going to be very, very soon," Lira told CNN, "because that's my biggest dream to have this baby meet his mommy, and his daddy and his older brother."
Zully and Marvin have declined to speak to CNN directly while they recover from their illness, but they have spoken through Lira and others close to them.
Zully could barely talk when she called from the hospital on April 1, and doctors said she needed to have an emergency Cesarean section.
Lira teaches English as a Second Language at Hart Magnet Elementary School in Stamford, where Zully's son is in the first grade. She's been working with him since the beginning of the school year.
Zully called her, Lira said, to translate for her husband Marvin, who doesn't speak English. Lira said Marvin needed help talking with the doctors and health care workers, who were taking care of his family.
The family is from Guatemala and Zully and her oldest son are seeking asylum. CNN agreed to report only the family's first names out of respect for their privacy.
Lira said she only knew Zully and Marvin from parent-teacher conferences and school events.
"I'm very proud that she felt safe in calling me," Lira said. "Out of anybody else, she called the teacher, probably because she felt like she could count on me and trust me."
Lira says she was set up as the hospital's contact person so she could give updates on Zully and the baby to Marvin and Zully's mom in Guatemala.
She said Zully's Covid-19 symptoms worsened quickly, and she had to go on a ventilator.
"But thank God, she was -- she was a survivor, a miracle case," Lira said.
Neysel was born on April 2 and tested negative for coronavirus, Lira said. He was about five weeks premature but healthy and weighed more than five pounds.
Luciana Lira and her husband Alex hold Neysel for a video chat with his family.