Bored of lockdown yet? This downtime may have some benefits ... if you do it right

Boredom is a normal feeling, and there's no truth in the reproach that only boring people get bored, psychologists say.

(CNN)Bored yet? Great. That could be a good thing.

Psychologists say that boredom has had bad press and the pandemic, which has left many of us spending weeks at home without many of the things that we like to do, could unleash a creative renaissance on a global scale -- or at least make us more comfortable with our inner selves. If we do it right, that is.
"I have a great vision for humankind at the moment. I am talking about creativity on a micro and macro level," said Sandi Mann, a senior lecturer in occupational psychology at the School of Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK.
    It would be easy to ratchet up our supercharged lives, plugged into our phones 24/7 and binging on the news, Netflix and endless social media posts. Instead, getting bored could be a healthy way to free up headspace during this time and open our minds to new ways of thinking and be