The UK ordered 400,000 gowns from Turkey to address its PPE crisis. Some didn't meet safety standards

The government has faced scrutiny over the lack of PPE for health care workers.

London (CNN)A high-profile shipment to the UK of surgical gowns, hailed by ministers as a solution to Britain's personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages, has ended with little of the expected fanfare -- with more than 2,000 garments deemed unusable after arriving from Turkey and none yet distributed to health workers.

The gowns, made by a Turkish company and flown into the UK by the Royal Air Force on April 22, had been touted as an answer to the calls of underprotected health care workers.
But they were never given to frontline workers, it has emerged. Some were instead impounded at a warehouse near Heathrow Airport, according to The Telegraph newspaper, which first reported the story.
    "If equipment does not meet our specifications or pass our quality assurance processes it is not distributed to the front line," a spokesperson for the UK's Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) told CNN on Thursday, when asked whether the shipment in question had failed to meet safety standards.
    Britain had ordered 400,000 gowns in this particular order. Thursday evening, DHSC said it had so far received just 67,000 -- of which 4,500 passed "rigorous quality control checks" and 2,400 failed. The rest are still undergoing tests, DHSC said.
    A further 170,000 gowns are in Turkey, being checked by the Turkish Standards Institute, the statement added.
    The government will request a refund if it cannot get a replacement order of gowns that meet requirements, a spokesman told reporters Thursday.
    The faulty PPE came from a private supplier, and no part of the Turkish government was involved in producing, packaging or delivering that equipment to the United Kingdom, a senior Turkish official told CNN. Turkey authorized the private sale to the UK despite an export ban "out of solidarity with the UK authorities," the official said.
    There were also no quality issues with a separate donation of PPE by the Turkish government to the UK, the official noted.
    UK government officials had repeatedly talked up the original delivery in the days prior.