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Nick Kroll and Lilly Singh use platforms for Covid-19 relief
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Lilly Singh wants to help shine some light in this dark time.

“[I feel] a responsibility to put out positive content,” Singh told CNN in a recent interview. “There’s a lot of headlines that are really scary. I think because I have such a large following, I feel a sense of responsibility to share optimism and positivity and not fear monger.”

Singh, 31, built her audience with witty comedy and distinct sketches on YouTube. Over the last decade, her videos have amassed more than 15 million subscribers and one billion views. Singh, who is of Indian descent and identifies as bisexual, often uses her humor to dispel stereotypes. She made history as the first bisexual woman of color to host a network late-night television show, “A Little Late With Lilly Singh,” which was just renewed for a second season on NBC.

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Singh said amid the coronavirus pandemic, she’s prioritizing sharing facts with her audiences.

Last month, Singh interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key member of the White House’s coronavirus task force, to help inform her viewers about Covid-19. She’s also helping raise fund toward relief efforts and participated in the “One World: Together at Home” event.

“I want to make sure whatever I do is factual, informative and not just a mindless part of the conversation but actually offering value to the conversation,” Singh said. “I think it’s more so the responsibility of having a platform and at times like this being able to spread information that helps people, I think that’s really cool and that’s the part of my job that really is something I didn’t think would impact me the way that it does.”

While she brings both thoughtfulness and levity to her work, Singh doesn’t consider herself a comic.

“I try not to call myself a comedian because I don’t always think I’m funny,” she said. “I like to call myself a storyteller. I think what I do in my videos is not even so much joke… because I’ve never formally studied comedy or anything, it’s just me telling stories. Things that I’ve observed, things that I’ve grown up with that I think are funny.”

Singh hopes her work these days offers a break from the struggles so many are facing.

“I feel like being a light right now,” she said.