Packed London Tube trains are the latest symbol of the UK's confused coronavirus response

Commuters on a rush hour train in London on Wednesday.

London (CNN)As thousands of people returned to work across England on Wednesday morning, images of packed London Underground trains have sparked fresh criticism of the government's strategy for easing the country's seven-week lockdown.

Photos circulated on social media of commuters crowding onto congested train platforms, some without masks, or piling into crowded double-decker buses, raising questions about how Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to get the country back to work without causing a second wave of coronavirus infections.
Criticism of the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis was compounded over the weekend, when Johnson delivered a confusing and seemingly contradictory speech about how the country would ease its way back towards normality.
    Busy trains and platforms in London sparked threats of strike action from one union boss.
    In a pre-recorded address to the nation on Sunday night, Johnson announced that anyone who couldn't do their job from home "should be actively encouraged to go to work" while adding that workers "should avoid public transport" because there would be limited capacity on trains. Johnson also suggested that people should get to work by car, bike or on foot if possible.
    Johnson's speech, which seemed to imply that people would be allowed back to work the following day, was criticized by the leader of the opposition, who said it was "quite a thing to spring on people for tomorrow morning," and t