Ikea's instructions for building the best pillow forts are what every parent needs right now

If you're bored at home, IKEA Russia has got some ideas.

(CNN)After what feels like a lifetime in quarantine and isolation, parents may be running out of ideas to keep kids entertained.

So for everyone looking for ways to have fun within four walls, Ikea Russia has some ideas.
The company released six instruction manuals on how to build blanket forts using everyday household items -- chairs, stools, books and, of course, blankets.
    And there's instructions for almost every type of structure.
    Like, a castle, because your kids are royalty.
    Or a house.
    And, with outdoor activities being slightly limited, there's even a way to go camping.
    Also a cave, wigwam and fortress -- for whatever storylines you or your kids can dream up.