A radio station denied a caller a prize because he'd 'mispronounced' a pop star's name. Then the star waded in

Tony Hadley (left) waded into a disagreement with a Singaporean radio station, earning Muhammad Shalehan thousands of dollars.

London (CNN)Spandau Ballet front man and 1980s icon Tony Hadley has stepped in to solve a bizarre controversy erupting in Singapore, earning a man a cash prize by clarifying exactly how the star's surname is pronounced.

The "Gold" singer was relaxing at his home in Buckinghamshire, England during the lockdown this week when he discovered he was the subject of a weeks-long furor thousands of miles away.
The uproar centered on a national radio station, which had asked listeners to identify 14 celebrities just by their voices in order to win a cash prize.
    Muhammad Shalehan called in to Gold 905 on April 21 to offer his answer, and got every one correct -- but the station felt he had mispronounced Hadley's name and decided not to award the railway worker the 10,000 Singapore dollars ($7,030) reward.
      Weeks later, another caller gave the same list of answers and was crowned a winner -- prompting an outcry in Singapore that rumbled on for weeks.
      "Our decision remains final," the station announced on Wednesday, dashing the hopes of Shalehan and the army of supporters he had amassed.
      That is, until Shalehan trac