Summer is not completely canceled. Here are 100 things we can do with or without kids.

Updated 1814 GMT (0214 HKT) July 23, 2020

(CNN)This is not the summer we had hoped or planned for.

The calendar is littered with canceled vacations and summer camps, shuttered pools and playgrounds, spots in our calendars meant to be spent with friends and loved ones.
The summer weeks ahead are filled with ... nothing. (For some, nothing but work.) Adults, kids and adults feeling like kids, all bored. And that boredom, combined with the fear of getting sick or actually getting sick, could make for a cruel summer.
But wait. There really is still fun to be had. With a little bit of imagination, we can set ourselves free from that cage of coronavirus. We can play silly games. Connect with family and friends. And find ways to express gratitude for others, including our families and first responders.

Make your summer list

We can go old school to have fun this summer.
It's time to write down a list of activities you and your family want to do this summer. It's an exercise that will free you from the limits of your four walls. Number your list from one to however far you get and maybe even write it down on actual paper.
This is not a homework assignment. It's about finding the joy that still exists inside you — kids and adults alike. Get the first few ideas out. Now keep going, because that's when the ideas get ridiculous and really fun.
Want to walk on the moon? Write it down. Want to play Quidditch with J.K. Rowling? Write it down. Want to use all those wacky kitchen devices you've never removed from their boxes? Time to write those ideas down.
No, you can't actually fly to outer space right now, but you could stargaze at night and learn about the astronauts aboard the International Space Station.
My kid hasn't figured out how to play real Quidditch but we do have Ravenclaw-like robes and the Harry Potter edition of Clue, so we can figure it out. We may try to make butterbeer too.

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