A floral designer is beautifying the streets of New York with elaborate displays for health care workers

A colorful example of a "flower flash" on the streets of New York.

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(CNN)Flashes of beauty have bloomed in the most random of places around New York over the past several years -- a trash can here, a phone booth there -- with surprise displays of flowers.

But amid the pandemic, the floral designer behind them has a renewed sense of purpose.
Lewis Miller, owner of floral design company Lewis Miller Design, has long transformed the city's most grittiest spots into giant flower displays. He calls them "flower flashes."
A New York phone booths erupting with flowers in one of Miller's flower flashes on March 12.
Miller said he just wanted to express his creativity and make New Yorkers smile. In recent weeks, however, he knew that these flower flashes could mean something more -- a tribute to those on the front lines.
Miller's flower flash from March 31 that adorned a "no parking" sign on 22 Wooster Street.
"With the city being so desolate and people being stuck inside, and it being a cold, dismal spring, we needed hope," the 45-year-old designer told CNN. "Doing it for the health care workers was a no-brainer because they're the ones that are out there doing the deed while the rest of us are sequestered inside."
For his latest flash, which was backed by American Express, Miller and his team set out to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital on Monday and wrapped flowers in various shades of pink around a lamp post that stood outside the hospital.