Dutch leader did not visit dying mother for weeks to comply with coronavirus lockdown

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte waits for a meeting with US President Donald Trump in the White House in July 2018.

(CNN)Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was unable to visit his mother in the weeks leading up to her death due to coronavirus restrictions, but he did stay with her on her final night, his spokesman told CNN Tuesday.

Rutte announced Monday that his mother, 96-year-old Mieke Rutte-Dilling, had passed away on May 13. She did not die of Covid-19.
The PM also paid tribute to her in a statement. "In addition to the great sadness and all fond memories, my family and I also have a feeling of gratitude that we were allowed to have her with us for so long," he wrote. "We have now said goodbye to her in a family circle and hope to be able to deal with this great loss in peace in the near future."
    Rutte's announcement comes after other political figures have faced questions about their behavior under lockdown.
    The latest scandal to unfold took place in the UK, after it was revealed that Dominic Cummings, the