'The UK is just as bad as America'

Updated 2244 GMT (0644 HKT) June 3, 2020

London (CNN) -- The police killing of George Floyd has resonated around the world. In London — some 4,000 miles from where Floyd died in Minnesota — thousands of protesters gathered on Wednesday to show solidarity with mourning Americans.
It was a peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration in Hyde Park, where protesters of many different racial and cultural backgrounds chanted Floyd's name through their face masks, demanding justice. Several protesters shared their outrage over the killing to CNN, drawing parallels with their own experiences, and expressed dismay about US President Donald Trump's reaction to the protests.

Geovane Silva, 21

Geovane Silva, who works at a McDonald's and studies music.
"There's racism everywhere, and we have to fight it. I don't just mean white people against black people. Racism is racism, and that's what we have to fight. We have to be just one, human beings, we just need to be one. We all breathe the same air, we all bleed the same color.
"When I saw what happened to George Floyd, I cried. Man, I cried, because someone is being killed for just looking like me. He did nothing wrong, absolutely nothing wrong, and even if he did, there's ways to deal with that. Why do other people get ways to deal with that but we don't? The only way to deal with us is through violence. Why? We are not savages, we are not animals — we are people, like everyone else, and we deserve to be free.