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A new CNN Poll of Polls shows 51% of registered voters nationwide back former Vice President Joe Biden, while 41% support President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential race.

The poll of polls includes the five most recent national telephone polls measuring the views of registered voters.

The new numbers represent a shift in Biden’s favor since April, when the CNN Poll of Polls found support for Biden averaging 48%, while Trump averaged 43% support.

Three of the polls were conducted after the killing of George Floyd, which has sparked protests in Minneapolis and around the US over police brutality and racism against black Americans. The other two polls were conducted in May, as the country struggled with the coronavirus pandemic and debated whether the country should stay closed for the sake of the public health or reopen to boost the economy.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll found a decline in approval over how Trump is handling the coronavirus. In March, 51% approved while 45% disapprove. Now, 46% approve and 53% disapprove.

A new poll out from NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist College on Friday found most Americans (67%) think Trump’s response to the demonstrations has increased tensions, while 18% think he has helped decrease them.

Most Democrats (92%) and independents (73%) say that Trump’s response has largely inflamed tensions rather than soothed them. Republicans, for their part, don’t uniformly see the President as someone who has decreased tensions. A plurality of Republicans (41%) say the President has done so, but 29% say he has increased tensions and 30% say they’re just not sure what his response has done.

A Monmouth University national poll, out Wednesday and included in the Poll of Polls, found more voters trust Biden to handle race relations over Trump. A majority of registered voters (52%) said they had a great deal or some confidence in Biden to handle race relations while 40% said the same of Trump.

However, almost half (49%) of voters reported race relations wouldn’t be a factor in their vote for president this year – with 33% saying it would be a major factor and 17% a minor factor.

The CNN Poll of Polls is an average of the five most recent non-partisan, live-operator, national surveys on the general election matchup between Biden and Trump among registered voters. The Poll of Polls includes results from the NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist College poll conducted June 2 and 3, the Monmouth University poll conducted May 28 to June 1, the ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted May 25 to 28, the Fox News poll conducted May 17 to 20 and the Quinnipiac University poll conducted May 14 to 18. The Poll of Polls does not have a margin of sampling error.

This story has been updated to include the PBS Newshour/Marist College poll.

CNN’s Jennifer Agiesta contributed to this report.