They spent months helping Covid-19 patients breathe. Now health care workers are kneeling for George Floyd

Health care workers in Miami protested Thursday to honor George Floyd and call for an end to racism and police brutality.

(CNN)Hospitals around the country have spent the past few months fighting to help Covid-19 patients get just one more gasp of air. Hearing George Floyd say "I can't breathe" as a police officer knelt on his neck has been particularly painful for many doctors, nurses and health care workers.

Registered nurse Rochelle Bradley told CNN that she's been drilled throughout her career on the ABCs -- airway, breathing and circulation.
"His airway was compromised," Bradley said. "At a moment like that, you immediately help someone."
Health care workers around the country have held rallies and marches in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests in response to Floyd's death on May 25 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Bradley was part of a group of health care professionals who protested police brutality Thursday at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida, and knelt to honor Floyd.
"Kneeling here today for nine minutes and knowing that that's how long George Floyd was on the ground with his airway compromised really bothered me as a nurse," she said
She held a sign that said, "Take it from a registered nurse, when someone can't breathe help them!"