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Tens of thousands of people marched in cities and small towns across America in the largest demonstrations so far after George Floyd’s death.

Protesters poured onto the streets of the nation’s capital to demand an end to police brutality and racial injustice. They braved the heat, wore masks and chanted in unison at the Lincoln Memorial and near the White House.

“I don’t care if I lose my life if that means my nieces and my nephews won’t have to deal with someone invalidating them because of the color of their skin,” said Philomena Wankenge, a board member and founder of Freedom Fighters, one of the organizing groups.

Large crowds attended mostly peaceful protest rallies in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago. Meanwhile in Raeford, North Carolina, hundreds lined up for a public viewing of Floyd’s casket.

The viewing and a memorial service took place near Floyd’s birthplace in Fayetteville. His family sang and prayed to celebrate his life while Rev. Christopher D. Stackhouse recounted the protests as he delivered the eulogy for him.

“A movement is happening in America and I’m glad that all of us get to say that it was George Floyd who sparked the fuse,” Stackhouse said.

“It was George Floyd who sparked the fuse that is going to change this nation,” he added.