Sweden closes 30-year murder mystery over killing of PM Olof Palme

A photo from 1984 shows Sweden's Prime Minister Olof Palme. He was shot dead in February 1986.

(CNN)Sweden has ended a 34-year investigation into the unsolved murder of the country's then-Prime Minister Olof Palme, saying the chief suspect is dead.

Palme was gunned down as he took a late-night walk after visiting a cinema in central Stockholm with his wife, Lisbet, on February 28, 1986.
The mystery over the murder of the Social Democratic leader has gripped Sweden for three decades, prompting much speculation over the assassin and their motive, as well as producing multiple conspiracy theories.
    Meanwhile, investigators have interviewed more than 10,000 people, and 134 possible suspects have confessed to the murder.
      Sweden's Chief Prosecutor Krister Petersson told a news conference in the country's capital on Wednesday that he believed the lone perpetrator to be a man named Stig Engström but could do nothing more to prove it.
      "As the person is deceased, I cannot bring charges against him and have decided to discontinue the investigation. In my opinion, Stig Engström is the prime suspect," he said.
      "My assessment is that, after over 34 years, it is difficult to believe that any further investigation would provide us with any new details and therefore I believe we have come as far as one could expect."
      An April 1986 picture shows Stig Engstrom outside the Skandia offices at Sveavägen in Stockholm.
      Suspicion focuses on one man, whom investigators "cannot get around," he said. Engström, also known as "Skandia man" after the insurance company where he worked, died in 2000.
      "To a large extent, we have been at the mercy of the police investigative work that was performed closer to the time of the crime," said Petersson.