This teenage martial artist creates videos to help superhero seniors stay active while in quarantine

15-year-old Jeffery Wall is black belt in Tang Soo Do, a Korean martial art. He films video on YouTube to keep senior citizens active.

(CNN)Jeffrey Wall, 15, is just as compassionate as he is fierce. The accomplished Tang Soo Do Korean martial artist is helping his community stay fit during the coronavirus pandemic. While he shares his love of the sport with everyone, Wall holds a special group of students close to his heart—senior citizens.

"I felt like they don't get that much love and attention. I want to make them feel like I'm their grandchild," Wall explains.
Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Wall taught karate at a local nursing home. He named his program Golden Age Karate and refers to his students as "Super Nanas" and "Super Grandpas."
    In a photo taken pre-social distancing, Wall teaches senior citizens karate as a way to keep healthy.
    "It makes me feel joyful and excited to see my seniors -- and just love on them as well," the teen instructor says. "And my seniors feel the same way. To see their faces light up is the best feeling in the world."
    In a photo taken pre-social distancing, Wall poses with a "super nana" at the local nursing home where he provided karate classes to senior citizens.

    Caring for "super nanas and grandpas" in a pandemic

    With social distancing, Wall had to get creative. He realized shelter-in-place orders meant his senior students would be isolated from those they love—including him.
    With classes canceled and not knowing when he would return, Wall started posting classes on YouTube. He also ramped up his Instagram page to remain digitally present to hi