Swiss women stage scream-in for equality and an end to domestic violence

Women protested across Switzerland on Sunday.

(CNN)Women across Switzerland took to the streets Sunday, screaming together for one minute as part of protests for gender equality.

Videos on social media showed protests in various cities around the country, with protesters speaking out about the gender pay gap, street harassment and violence against women.
"For me it is emotional. Because I scream for me, but I also scream for my sisters and brothers, I scream for all the other children who lost a mother or a father, and I also scream for my mother, who would have screamed if she was still here," said Roxanne Errico, 19, who told the Reuters news agency that her mother was killed by an abusive boyfriend,
    Swiss women are pressing for action on the gender pay gap and violence against women.
    The Swiss Trade Union Federation, which helped to organize the protests, said the coronavirus pandemic had shone a light on the lack of progress in improving equality, working conditions and recognition of unpaid domestic work.
      "(The pandemic) has in fact drawn attention to the kind of work that is very often carried out by women," the federation wrote on its website.
      "This has finally been recognized as 'being systemically important,' but apart from rounds of applause on balconies nothing has been done."
      Switzerland ranks second in the United Nations' gender equality index, which assigns a score based on i