Public restrooms: What you need to know about using them safely amid the pandemic

Person-to-person contact is the main way that Covid-19 spreads, according to the CDC. So if you can avoid entering a crowded public restroom, that can make a significant difference in reducing your risk of infection.

(CNN)When Mariel Balaban drove across the United States in the middle of the pandemic, she knew that avoiding public restrooms was not an option for her young family.

"Traveling with a toddler and being seven months pregnant means lots of 'potty stops,'" said Balaban, a communications professional who moved from San Francisco to the Philadelphia area in early April. But Balaban worried that finding safe, clean public restrooms was going to be a challenge.
To mitigate the risk, she packed masks and disposable gloves. When stopping at gas stations, the family tried to avoid touching anything unnecessarily.