Australian fugitive found hiding in ship's air-conditioning vent with cash and a knife

The man, who was picked up from a yacht, was on bail on sexual assault charges.

(CNN)A suspect in an Australian sexual assault case has been apprehended with a weapon and a stash of cash, after he tried to flee the country by hiding in the air-conditioning vent of a ship.

While this may sound like something from an action movie, Australian authorities say the drama unfolded in real life over the weekend.
The cargo ship, headed for Newcastle, Australia, came to the assistance of the yacht.
On Saturday morning, a cargo ship headed for the harbor city of Newcastle, New South Wales, came across a yacht that had encountered difficulties in the water off the coast of Yamba, according to Australian Border Force. The crew attached a tow line to bring the yacht with them to Newcastle, and took the yacht's skipper -- a 31-year-old man -- on board.
    But as the ship approached its destination later that evening, it was discovered that the tow line carrying the yacht had been snapped, and the yacht -- and the man -- were missing.
    A dog unit found the man hiding in an air-conditioning unit on the cargo ship.
    Authorities searched the area for the missing man, but could not locate him, the border force said.