Lessons from South Korea: Dr. Sanjay Gupta's coronavirus podcast for June 24

(CNN)South Korea has been widely praised as a Covid-19 success story. How did they do it? CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to CNN reporter Paula Hancocks in Seoul about how South Korea has learned to live with the virus.

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Al Jazeera: As the coronavirus pandemic keeps spreading, how is it that South Korea seems to have controlled it, and why is the United States so far behind?
    CBS: "Test, trace, treat" has been South Korea's mantra.
    Dr. Sanjay Gupta: South Korea has been widely praised for how they handled the spread of the coronavirus. As of today, there are fewer than 300 deaths — that's a huge deal when you compare it to the United States, where we have over 120,000 deaths. Now even if you take the different populations into account, this means that one in every 100,000 people in South Korea's population died from the virus. In the United States, it's 37 out of every 100,000.
    It's even more striking when I tell you that South Korea and the United States announced their first confirmed cases of Covid-19 just one day apart in January. And by February, South Korea had the largest outbreak in the world outside of China.
    But by April the number of new cases were down to single digits, and life in South Korea started to go back to normal — schools even started reopening in May.
    But then clusters of infections started to pop up again. More than 100 cases were linked to a nightclub in Seoul.
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