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Disney+ has scored a hit with the filmed version of “Hamilton,” but that success has renewed discussion about how the musical deals with the slaveholders it portrays.

While it boasts a diverse cast including creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda who is of Puerto Rican descent, “Hamilton” has been criticized by those who believe it doesn’t accurately portray the horrors of slavery and glosses over the role in it played by America’s founding fathers.

It’s a discussion which kicked off after “Hamilton” debuted on Broadway in 2015 and has broadened with the release of the film in the time of intense focus on the Black Lives Matters movement.

The show’s creator and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda responded to the criticism on Twitter Monday after a series of observations made by writer Tracy Clayton.

Clayton, who hosts the Netflix podcast “Strong Black Legends,” tweeted “im late w the hamilton criticism stuff & im clearly biased but.. i really like that this conversation is happening.”