This comic sensation is wowing Instagram users with her skits on Nigerian families

Taaooma plays the role of Iya Tao (her mother), wearing headgear and a dress sewn from local materials, in a video that's become popular in Nigeria.

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)In April 2019, a Nigerian comedian uploaded a skit to Instagram that showed a mother rushing to get her daughter to school. The daughter had overslept and missed the school bus.

In the 56-second skit made by the comic, Maryam Apaokagi, popularly known as Taaooma, the daughter realizes halfway through the drive to school that she picked up her lunch box but forget her school bag at home.
The skit was quickly viewed by thousands of Nigerians whom, the comic told CNN, could relate because many parents often have to scold their children.
    One day, she woke up to hundreds of new mentions and followers on Instagram. The skit had gone viral. As people shared the skit, the video racked up more than 85,000 views on YouTube, giving Nigerians a glimpse into Akpaokagi's style of comedy.
      Since then, the 21-year-old has become an Instagram sensation in the West African country.
      "When I uploaded that particular skit, I didn't want to see it doing bad so I went off Instagram. It was my boyfriend that let me know the post was doing well, and then that's when I checked and became excited," Apaokagi said.
      In her videos, the comic plays all the characters in a fictional family of four -- Taaoo (herself), Iya Taaoo (her mother), Baba Taaoo (her father), and Tayo (her brother). The names are shorter variations of Apaokagi's nickname, Taaooma.