'India's First Woman Prime Minister' -- Mont Blanc glacier melt reveals perfectly preserved newspapers from 1966

Timothée Mottin found the newspapers on the Bossons Glacier.

(CNN)A cache of preserved newspapers from 1966 has emerged from a melting glacier in France, the latest in a string of objects that have been revealed as the glacier retreats.

Café-owner Timothée Mottin found about a dozen newspapers dating from January 20 and 21, 1966 near the Bossons Glacier, southeastern France, he told CNN.
The newspapers are "in a very good state, you can read them, unfold them," he said. "Well, they are a bit torn, but in a very good state nonetheless."
    The Bossons Glacier is the largest ice fall in Europe, according to the French government, and descends from the summit of Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in Western Europe.
    The papers date from January 20 and 21, 1966.
    Mottin has owned the Cabane du Cerro café-restaurant, about an hour outside the ski town of Chamonix, for the past five years.
    The business is right next to the glacier at an altitude of over 4,400 feet, and Mottin often finds objects in the ice.
    "As the glacier is advancing, it brings with it objects from the top of the Mont Blanc," he said.
    The Bossons Glacier is near the ski town of Chamonix.
    However, Mottin added, it's quite rare to find newspapers, especially this many at once.
    "For now, the newspapers will be displayed in the restaurant/cabin that is just by the glacier, and then, we will see, maybe I'll give it to a museum," he said.
    One of the newspapers is the January 20 edition of India's National Herald, announcing the election of Indira Gandhi as the country's first female prime minister.
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