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Can schools reopen safely this fall?
04:27 - Source: CNN

(CNN) – After months out of the classroom, Sarah Gross, a high school English teacher in New Jersey, is eager for schools to reopen in the fall.

But she’s skeptical about how that could happen safely as Covid-19 cases rise across the country.

“I desperately want to go back to my classroom,” Gross told CNN. “But I think that a lot of people who call for schools to reopen – especially because we need childcare or the economy to restart – don’t have any idea of what schools look like today.”

Sarah Gross worries about the risk of returning to school for her vulnerable colleagues.

Teachers who spoke to CNN said they are trying to puzzle out an avalanche of unanswered questions about schooling amid a global pandemic. As coronavirus case numbers rise, they are weighing the risks to students and colleagues, their families and themselves.