Getting kids to connect across racial — and geographic — lines

Jamie Antoun's daughter Emily connects with friend Djordie Živković's classroom in Serbia. She joined as a special guest after bonding with Djordie during their Empatico home-to-home connections.

(CNN)The first time they met, they talked about animals.

Six-year-old Zul-Kifl Issah, in Tamale, Ghana, and 7-year-old Jonah McMillan, in Coldstream, British Columbia, Canada, listed the creatures who lived near them: hippos, lions and elephants for Zul-Kifl; and dogs, cats and a gecko for Jonah.
"You give them a place to sleep in your house!" Zul-Kifl marveled about Jonah's pets, while Jonah gasped that the beautiful creatures that populated his books roamed free in parts of Ghana.
    Abdul Razak Issah (center) of Tamale, Ghana, and his family sit on the couch at home and get ready to connect with Brittany McMillan's family in Coldstream, British Columbia, Canada, through Empatico. His son Zul-Kifl (right), age 6, has bonded with Jonah McMillan, age 7.