Time and money are running out for many small business owners. With no end in sight to the coronavirus surge in the United States and with the possibility of more shutdowns or curtailed activity looming, the economic outlook remains bleak.

While many small businesses have benefited from short-term aid like the federal Paycheck Protection Program loans, that money was only intended to cover 10 weeks of payroll and other expenses.

Now 84% of small businesses say they will have used up their PPP loans by the first week in August, according to a survey taken last week of 1,500 businesses that participated in a Goldman Sachs’ training program.

The question is: Now what?

More than 60% of respondents to the survey said their revenue is still less than three-quarters of what it was before the pandemic.

Only 16% said they are very confident they can maintain payroll without more government relief. And just 37% said their business can survive another Covid-related shutdown.

The situation is worse for Black business owners. A third (34%) surveyed said they have seen less than a quarter of their pre-pandemic revenue return. And just 7% said they feel very confident they can meet payroll without further government relief.

A vast majority of all respondents (91%) said they would like the opportunity to get a second PPP loan.

Currently the program – which is slated to end on August 8 – is limited to one loan per business, although lawmakers are currently debating what more can be done to support different parts of the economy in a possible fourth round of aid.

The survey was part of a Goldman Sachs initiative that aims to give alums of its 10,000 Small Businesses training program a platform on which to advocate for themselves before policymakers.