Jrue Holiday to launch a social justice fund with the rest of his 2020 NBA salary

Jrue Holiday smiles during the game on February 28, 2020 at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.

(CNN)Throughout his career, the NBA's Jrue Holiday has averaged 6.4 assists per game. This next one, though, will be the biggest.

The 30-year-old guard announced this week that he'll use the remainder of his salary from the 2019-2020 season to launch a social justice fund alongside his wife, former US women's national soccer team player Lauren Holiday.
In fact, Jrue said, it was her idea.
"My wife just one night was like, 'I really feel like you should pledge the rest of your salary.' Once she said that it was kind of like, 'Man, woman, you're a genius," Holiday told ESPN, adding "[it's] a great idea. Because we want to make an impact."
The Jrue and Lauren Holiday Social Justice Impact Fund will be dedicated to balancing out socioeconomic inequalities across communities in Los Angeles, New Orleans and Indianapolis, the two said in a statement posted online.
"This gift is a part of a long-term mission of ours to create more sustainable solutions that help uplift and empower Black and Brown communities, both economically and socially," the pair said.

3-point shot: LA, New Orleans, Indianapolis

The Holidays met while they were athletes at UCLA.
Jrue has spent seven of his 11 seasons in New Orleans with the Pelicans, while his brothers Justin and Aaron are members of the Indiana Pacers. Lauren, meanwhile, hails from Indianapolis, solidifying the couple's commitment to those specific communities.
"I just feel like it's the perfect opportunity to pick those three cities that mean a lot to us and try to better those cities," Jrue said.
The Pelicans star's remaining game checks could amount to as much as $5.3 million, they said, with the bulk of the money dedicated to Black-owned businesses, nonprofits and citywide initiatives in LA and Compton, Indianapolis and New Orleans.
Meanwhile, $1 million will be distributed among Black-owned businesses across 10 other US cities, and $500,000 is dedicated to colleges and universities, including HBCUs, the duo said on the website, noting they are officially accepting applications.
"I've been so blessed to make this money and play basketball and still have a job, but there's people out there who need support and support from us," said Jrue. "We know a couple of things that are important are time and money, and right now, we have both."
The fund's launch comes amid a moment of national unrest and social uncertainty following the death of George Floyd and a devastating global pandemic.
Floyd's killing lead to protests across America and a rise in the Black Lives Matter movement. Covid-19 meanwhile, has decimated businesses and put many Americans out of work, with marginalized communities often weathering the brunt of the virus' storm.
"With everything going on in this world, it made me and my wife realize that we aren't invested in our community as we feel we should be," Holiday said. "Even though it's kind of a kick in the pants, you kind of feel like I should've known this... but you're never too late. This is our time to contribute."

What drove him to continue the season

A 6' 3" guard, Holiday has rejoined his New Orleans teammates as the NBA moves inside the bubble in Orlando, Florida, ahead of the season's restart.
Prior to the break in March, the former Bruin was averaging nearly 20 points per game for the 28-36 Pelicans, but had considered sitting out the rest of the year as the league attempts to return from a four month, coronavirus-forced hiatus.
The chance to send a message and create change, however, led Holiday back to the court.
"It's not just about me. It's not just about the money. I want people to see that," he said. "For us coming to Orlando and playing these games, giving away this money is what is important and trying to help others. Trying to support others during this hard time."
The Pelicans' next game is scheduled for July 30 versus the Utah Jazz.