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Tuk-tuks are three-wheeled motor vehicles widely used in Sri Lanka and southern Asia.

The vehicle has also gained popularity worldwide, including Africa and the Middle-East.

But these three-wheelers can race – as Sri Lankan tuk-tuk drivers showed at the Red Bull Tuk It earlier this year.

The fourth edition of the Tuk It race covered more than 80 miles across Sri Lanka.

More than 200 teams took to their three-wheelers in the two-day quest, enduring bumpy roads, muddy jungles, deep puddles and steep hills.

Racers traveled from Kaluaggala to Dundine Estate and We Oya on the first day, before riding from Galaha to the finish line in Dambulla on day two.

Blowouts, engine failures and tuk-tuk tipovers were just a few of the challenges the drivers faced.

When the dust settled, Team 93-4 was crowned 2020 champion.

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