Restaurateurs serve Netanyahu a 'final meal' as chaos mounts over Israel's coronavirus restrictions

Protesters rally during a demonstration in Jerusalem on July 21.

Jerusalem (CNN)The pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is building as quickly as the protests, with his official residence on Balfour Street now the focal point of protests that are growing in frequency and in size.

The last protest was Tuesday night. The next is Thursday night, with more protests scheduled for the weekend. As public frustration with the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis soars, the anger fueling the demonstrations shows no sign of abating.
The protesters are angry for different reasons, but all of it is directed at Netanyahu. Gathering by the hundreds outside near Jerusalem's Paris Square, they block off streets and blow air horns. Economic protesters wave placards that say, "Netanyahu is choking us." Anti-corruption protesters hold signs that say, "crime minister."
    Restaurateurs became the latest group to take part in the protests, angry over the changing rules and regulations about how -- and if -- they can operate, with banners that read, "this is the final meal."
      On Friday morning, the cabinet