Spain's king distances himself from his father amid allegations of $100M transfer from ex-Saudi monarch

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia visit the Monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet in Tarragona in July during a nationwide tour of Spain. In March, Felipe renounced any personal inheritance from his father.

Madrid (CNN)Even as Spain battles the coronavirus, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez says there's another issue that "all Spaniards are witnessing" -- the "unsettling reports" about the murky finances of the royal family.

"It disturbs all of us, and me, too," Sanchez said on national TV this month.
Spanish media now report almost daily on the alleged financial dealings of former King Juan Carlos I, even before he abdicated in 2014, and on the efforts of his son, King Felipe VI, Spain's current head of state, to distance himself from his father.
"The judicial system is at work," Sanchez said. "And the Royal Household is keeping a distance in the face of these disturbing reports."
In March, just as Spain went into lockdown, King Felipe renounced any personal inheritance from his father and stopped the annual public stipend paid to the former king.
The royal household, in a statement, said its move was prompted by various news reports at the time. These news reports claimed King Felipe might inherit large sums from two offshore foundations allegedly linked to his father.
Analysts told CNN there's now unprecedented pressure on Spain's monarchy, which King Felipe vowed to make more transparent when he took over six years ago.