Groping, a nude photo, a sex party invite: Former Ailey dancers say director abused power with students

(CNN)When Troy Powell first showed an interest in Ryan Houston's dancing, the 21-year-old student thought the attention could be his big break.

Houston was studying at the New York City school of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, one of the most prominent dance companies in the US and an iconic institution in the world of Black performing arts. Powell, a high-profile dancer, choreographer and teacher nearly two decades his senior, had helped make and break dance careers as a leader in the group's junior touring company.
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But Houston said their professional relationship quickly turned uncomfortable as Powell texted him increasingly flirty and sexual messages. One night in 2010, Powell invited Houston to a nightclub, where he pushed him against a wall, grabbed his groin and butt and tried to kiss him, Houston said. Once he reported Powell's advances to the school's co-directors, Houston said, they told him making a "big deal" about it would hurt his chances to get a position in the company.
Anthony DeCarlis, another former student, said he considered Powell "a father figure" when Powell invited him to stay the night at his home in 2003 -- until he felt his teacher's penis rubbing against his backside as he lay on a bed.
Powell has hurt people "who have entrusted The Ailey School with their dreams and their future," DeCarlis said in an interview with CNN this month. "I just don't want it to be a secret anymore."
The Ailey organization on Monday announced that Powell "was no longer employed" there, saying an investigation sparked by social media chatter concluded Powell had "engaged in inappropriate communications with adults enrolled in the School." But CNN found that Powell's behavior went beyond just communications -- and that the school's leadership was presented with multiple allegations of misconduct years ago.

Allegations span almost a decade

Houston and DeCarlis are two of four former Ailey School students who alleged in on-the-record interviews with CNN that Powell abused his position of power, touching them inappropriately or making sexual overtures that include inviting one student to a sex party and sending another an unsolicited photo of his genitals. Three of the students said that after they rebuffed Powell's advances, they were cut from performances or rejected during auditions, which they believed may have been a form of retaliation by Powell.
Friends or mentors of three of the former dancers told CNN that the students had shared their accounts about Powell's behavior at the time. The allegations span almost a decade from 2003 to 2011 -- before the #MeToo movement shone a spotlight on similar behavior by a host of prominent men.
Leaders at the Ailey organization were aware of at least some of Powell's alleged conduct many years before they started the investigation, according to several former students who said they personally reported the incidents to the school's co-directors, Tracy Inman and Melanie Person.
Artistic director Troy Powell speaks during Ailey II's New York Season dress rehearsal at The Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater on March 29, 2016 in New York City.
Powell, 51, did not respond to repeated requests for comment. A spokesperson for the Ailey organization declined to make Inman and Person available for an interview, and the co-directors did not respond to interview requests.
The Ailey spokesperson said that "at no time were the allegations of physical misconduct reported" to Inman and Person.
"Ailey is instituting a thorough review of its policies and procedures, which provide multiple avenues for reporting, and will be undertaking additional training of all employees and students," the spokesperson, Christopher Zunner, said in an email. "We affirm our commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment for all."
Some former Ailey students and dancers told CNN they saw the allegations against Powell as a symptom of a larger problem in a profession where artistic directors can get away with inappropriate behavior because they wield tremendous power over dancers' careers.

Tarnished legacy at a legendary dance company

The Ailey company was launched in 1958, when it was difficult for many Black dancers to perform with mainstream dance groups. Its founder, choreographer and modern dance pioneer Alvin Ailey, used his experiences growing up in deeply segregated rural Texas to create breathtaking dances that incorporate Black spirituality.
In his most famous work, Revelations -- which was performed at the inaugurations of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and is still performed around the world by dancers from the company -- Ailey orchestrated the history of Black America in a 36-minute dance set to gospel songs. While the group was originally all-Black, Ailey decided to make it multiracial; most of its current students and members are people of color.
Before his death in 1989, Ailey grew the organization from a small ensemble to a dance empire. The group pulled in $48 million in revenue between July 2017 and June 2018, the most recent year for which its financial information is available.
Powell, a native New Yorker, had started his training as a scholarship student at the Ailey School at age nine, according to his online biography on the company's website, which was taken down this week. He performed around the world and taught at the school before taking over in 2012 as the artistic director of the group's junior touring company, Ailey II, which is seen as a stepping-stone to the most prestigious dancing roles.
A larger-than-life figure in the halls of the school's glassy building near New York City's Columbus Circle, Powell would often poke his head into classes to check on potential recruits, and dance students would give their best performances when he did, they said.
But behind the scenes, rumors about Powell's behavior spread among the close-knit group of Ailey alumni who've interacted with him.
Last month, those rumors erupted on social media: A TikTok video of two dancers with the caption "When you wanna be in Ailey 2 ... But guys gotta sleep with Troy Powell" circulated widely among the school's alumni in recent weeks. It's unclear who created the video. But several former students, including Houston and DeCarlis, posted their own sometimes tearful social media videos of themselves detailing the harassment they faced from Powell.
Following that, an attorney working with Ailey's general counsel reached out to several of the dancers who had commented on the social media posts. Three of the dancers told CNN they had been interviewed by that attorney. Ailey put Powell on leave in June as it conducted that investigation, according to the organization.
Powell's downfall represents the latest sexual harassment scandal to hit a leadin