Meet Forest, the tallest giraffe in the world

Forest has lived at Australia Zoo since he was 2 years old.

(CNN)A male giraffe living in a zoo in Australia has been crowned the tallest of them all, hitting a giddy 5.7 meters (18 feet, 8 inches).

Twelve-year-old Forest, who lives at Australia Zoo in Queensland, is so lanky that a team from Guinness World Records had to create a specially made measuring pole and rig it next to a hay dispenser in the giraffe house to record his height.
It took several months to capture the measurements, via images and video footage, as it took some time for Forest to get comfortable with the new feeder.
    Forest, pictured here with the Irwin family, has fathered 12 calves.
    Forest was born at Auckland Zoo in New Zealand in 2007 and was moved to Australia Zoo -- run by the Irwin family -- at the age of two. As part of the zoo's breeding program he has since fathered 12 calves, with another on the way.
      The tallest species alive in the world today, giraffes usually grow to between 15 and 18 feet.
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