cant touch this high school principal parody
Principal turns 'U Can't Touch This' into Covid-19 safety video
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In a video for his students that went viral, an Alabama educator channeled his background in music to help his school prepare for reopening in the era of Covid-19.

Childersburg High School Principal Quentin Lee was the mastermind behind a “U Can’t Touch this” parody video, made to the tune of the famous MC Hammer song. Lee says he aimed to “share some joy” and deliver important safety lessons to prepare students for a strange new classroom environment.

Principal Quentin Lee's video has been viewed more than 1 million times.

Speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “Anderson Cooper Full Circle” Monday, Lee said he likes to create amusing music videos “to engage his students and get the community involved.”

His latest creation has been wildly successful, reaching 1.8 million views and counting.

The school district is beginning the year with a “blended model,” operating at half-capacity with students going into class for in-person instruction on Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday and alternating on Wednesdays.

The hybrid design is intended to provide opportunity for small-group instruction, to maintain safety guidelines and academic standards.

Lee’s impeccable lyrics and dance moves have created an outpouring of support from the community as the first day of school approaches.

The superintendent and mayor of Childersburg were among those who praised the video for its positive messaging.

His whimsical way of connecting with students has not only given them a laugh, but also a fresh perspective on how to make the best of this fall’s uncertainty.

“What I really hope to drive home with this is that our students see that creativity has no end,” Lee said.