Google Doodle promotes mask wearing and social distancing practices

(CNN)Google is chiming into the Covid-19 discourse using a "Google Doodle" to emphasize the importance of wearing a mask. Their homepage is featuring a Google logo that shows each letter doing its part and following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

In the short doodle scene, the letters are brandishing colorful masks. They sprout feet and shuffle away from each other to demonstrate their effort to social distance. The letter "e" sends "a" heart emoji into the air, depicting adherence to CDC guidelines as an act of compassion towards its fellow letters.
Clicking on the animation takes the viewer to Google's Covid-19 prevention page where there are additional safety tips. Google is also using other platforms to highlight this message including YouTube and Google Maps.
    A PSA on YouTube reminds people that wearing masks is a simple way that can reduce Covid-19 transmission by 80%. It is imploring individuals to "Do it for them. Do it for you. Do it for all of us."