Brazil passes 100,000 Covid-19 deaths, as cases top 3 million

Brazil's death toll from the coronavirus pandemic has topped 100,000.

Sao Paulo (CNN)Brazil surpassed 100,000 deaths from Covid-19 on Saturday as cases exceeded 3 million, according to the latest numbers by the country's Health Ministry.

The fatalities milestone comes less than five months after Brazil recorded its first Covid-19-related death.
The ministry said 100,477 people have lost their lives and 3,012,412 have been infected. In the last 24 hours, 905 people have died from Covid-19.
The day was marked by manifestations of solidarity with the victims' families and critics of the federal government. Many Twitter users marked their messages with the hashtag #100thousanddeaths. In Rio de Janeiro, the NGO Rio of Peace placed a hundred crosses in the sand and showed a poster asking: "Why are we the second in number of deaths?"
After the US, Brazil is now the second country in the world to reach the bleak milestone, attributed by critics to the country's haphazard response to the outbreak, personified in President Jair Bolsonaro's leadership.
Bolsonaro has downplayed the coronavirus crisis for months, deriding it as a "little flu" and refusing to wear a mask in public even when it was encouraged by his own health ministers and ordered by a judge.
As cases began to grow in March, and state governors began to act to contain the spread, Bolsonaro argued that the economy could not be sacrificed for the sake of public health.
He criticized unpopular quarantine and shelter-in-place measures, hugging supporters at rallies without a face mask, while encouraging people to continue work and boosting the unproven drug chloroquine as a cure.
Bolsonaro has clashed with his health ministers, losing two in a span of a month, and choosing a military general with no background in medicine or public health to take over the role.
Bolsonaro tested positive for the virus in July as cases were skyrocketing in the country, and the healthcare system in several states became stretched to the limit.
On Thursday, Bolsonaro said on Facebook Live: "The number [of Covid-19 deaths] is reaching 100,000. We are going to get on with life and look for a way to get away from this problem", said
Getting on with life, however, has not been easy for Daniel Gustavo Veloso, a 34-year-old businessman who lost his father to Covid-19.
A volunteer disinfects a rooftop inside Santa Marta favela, in Rio de Janeiro on August 1.