A doctor runs 22 miles in a face mask to prove that they are safe

Dr. Tom Lawton wore a three-layered cloth mask during two runs, totaling 22 miles.

(CNN)A doctor in England wanted to prove that face masks won't impair your oxygen levels. So he ran for 22 miles while wearing one.

Throughout his running journey, Tom Lawton used a pulse oximeter to monitor his oxygen levels. The medical device measures the saturation of oxygen in a person's red blood cells and typically clips to your finger.
"The mask didn't come off at all (no food or drink) -- and oxygen levels were stubbornly 98% every time I checked," he tweeted last month.
    In an on air interview with CNN Sunday morning, the ICU doctor said he wanted to show everyone that masks are safe to wear and are a necessity in curbing the spread of the coronavirus.
    Health officials urge people to wear a mask not only for themselves but to protect others. This guidance has been met with controversy over the past few months as people are refusing to wear them.