This is what distance learning should look like in the fall

In this Dec. 3, 2019, photo, Alexandra Zeitz (right), 16, of Aurora, Colorado, attends Colorado Preparatory Academy, an online school. Her mother, Emerald Zeitz (left), acts as Alexandra's learning coach in partnership with the academy's teachers.

(CNN)When Kim Reeder started teaching in Parker, Colorado, 14 years ago, she found that managing the classroom environment took way more time and energy than actually teaching kids, and she couldn't reach as many of them as she wanted.

"I knew there were kids being left behind or not being pushed hard enough, because due to time constraints and class sizes, I had to teach the middle," she said.
Then Reeder discovered virtual school. As a middle school social studies teacher at Colorado Connections Academy for the past 13 years, she found "there's really no classroom management." Online teachi