Father and son doctors die of coronavirus weeks apart after being hospitalized on Father's Day

Dr. Carlos Vallejo, left, and his father, Dr. Jorge Vallejo, died of coronavirus within weeks of each other. Both were hospitalized on Father's Day.

(CNN)Two well-known physicians from Florida, a father and son, have died from Covid-19 complications, according to a family member.

Dr. Carlos Vallejo, 57, and his father, Dr. Jorge Vallejo, 89, were hospitalized during the early morning hours of Father's Day. They died five weeks apart, said Carlos' son, Charlie Vallejo.
Dr. Jorge Vallejo was a retired obstetrician and gynecologist who practiced for more than 45 years in the Miami area and treated celebrities, like salsa singer Celia Cruz. He was known for delivering one of the smallest babies in the world, a 22-week-old who weighed 15 ounces.
    He moved his family, including a 2-year-old Carlos, to Miami from Guantanamo, Cuba, in 1965. All three of his sons studied medicine, too.
    Dr. Jorge Vallejo, 89, was a celebrated OB/GYN who delivered one of the smallest babies in the world during his career.
    Dr. Carlos Vallejo was on the frontlines of the pandemic, suiting up in full personal protective equipment and treating dozens of Covid-19 patients at any point in time.
    Charlie Vallejo told CNN his father treated his patients like family.
    "He cared too much," Charlie Vallejo said. "He died a hero."

    They died weeks apart

    Jorge died on June 27 while Carlos battled Covid-19 from a hospital room. His family delivered the devastating news of his father's death over FaceTime.
    "(He was) surrounded by machines and no human contact so I think that kind of broke him," said Charlie Vallejo.
    Dr. Carlos Vallejo, 57, followed his father into medicine. He'd been treating coronavirus patients before his death.