A 14,000-year-old puppy, whose perfectly preserved body was found in Russia, munched on a woolly rhino for its last meal

The body of a preserved woolly rhino

(CNN)Scientists studying the body of a perfectly preserved Ice Age puppy have made an unexpected discovery -- a piece of what could be one of the last woolly rhinos inside its stomach.

Russian researchers first excavated the preserved, furry body of the canine -- which could be a dog or a wolf -- from a site in Tumat, Siberia, in 2011.
Inside the 14,000-year-old puppy's stomach was a hairy piece of tissue. At first, scientists assumed the fragment belonged to a cave lion, because of its fine yellow fur. But tests by experts at Stockholm's Natural History Museum told a different story.
    The preserved puppy was found in Tumat, Siberia.
    "When they got the DNA back, it didn't look like a cave lion," Love Dalen, a professor of evolutionary genetics at the Centre for Palaeogenetics, a joint venture between Stockholm University and the Swedish Museum of Natural History, told CNN.
    "We have a reference database and mitochondrial DNA from all mammals, so we checked the sequence data against that and the results that came back -- it was an almost perfect match for woolly rhinoceros," Dalen said.