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Alright, we’re almost at the end of summer and nearly three-quarters of the way through the year.

How many vacation days do you have left?

Look, I know that we can’t exactly go on our dream getaways right now.

But it’s important you take a break. A real break. Where you don’t check in just to see if you’ve missed anything big, or send a quick reminder to the team.

Working all the time doesn’t make you a hero. In fact, it’s likely to make you less efficient and put you at a higher risk of burnout.

Still not convinced? Think of it this way: Not using your paid time off is like leaving money on the table.

Burnout is a real concern for companies, so some employers are finding clever ways to get workers to take vacation days.

San Francisco-based GitLab added Family and Friends Days, during which the entire company shuts down. No meetings. No deadlines. Everyone is off.

“When you come back to a mountain of work, the enjoyment of taking time off is thwarted by the pile of work. But when everyone is off, they come back to not a lot of work,” said Darren Murph, head of remote work at GitLab.

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Paid time off for Election Day

Speaking of time off … the founders of eyewear retailer Warby Parker want companies to give employees paid time off to vote.

Many workers say they’ve had a hard time getting to the polls on Election Day because they can’t get time off from work.

“As business leaders, it’s our responsibility to ensure our employees are able to exercise their right to express their preference in who leads their local community, their state and our country,” wrote co-founders and co-CEOs Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa, along with Business for America founder Sarah Bonk for CNN Business’ Perspectives.

The trio also noted that many states don’t have enough resources to hold safe elections right now, while others can’t meet the demand for absentee ballots on a timely basis. They suggest companies also help by providing facilities and personal protective equipment.

“If we don’t take action now, the problems will be worse in the general election. Public health is essential but so is civic health, and no one should have to choose between the two.”

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Time of the month off

One of the biggest food delivery companies in India is offering “period leave.”

Zomato announced earlier this month that it will give female employees 10 days of leave a year for their menstrual cycle, Julia Hollingsworth and Swati Gupta report for CNN.

“There shouldn’t be any shame or stigma attached to applying for a period leave. You should feel free to tell people on internal groups, or emails that you are on your period leave for the day,” wrote Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal in an email to staff that was posted publicly.

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Extra $300 in unemployment aid…with some strings attached

President Trump recently signed an executive order that would provide unemployed Americans with a $300 federal boost in weekly unemployment benefits. But it could be awhile before anyone sees those additional funds.

Trump’s plan diverts disaster relief money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to pay for the new benefit, which means states have to create an entirely new system to make these payments, reports CNN’s Katie Lobosco.

“This is not something that any state will be able to do quickly,” said Penny Ickes, the communications director for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, in a statement sent to CNN.

States have to accept the White House’s plan in order to get the additional aid, and South Dakota has already said it will take a pass.

“South Dakota is open for business – that applies to our business owners and their employees,” Governor Kristi Noem said in a statement last week. She added that it has recovered nearly 80% of its job losses.

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Coffee Break

Remember Blockbuster?

Not only is there still one operating in the US, but local residents will have a chance to spend the night in it.

The world’s last Blockbuster is located in Bend, Oregon, and it’s being listed on Airbnb. The space can be booked for three individual, one-night reservations on September 18, 19 and 20.

Guests will have the run of the place, whether they want to watch a preselected lineup of ’90s titles or anything else they find in the store, reports CNN’s Brekke Fletcher.

Just remember to rewind!