Their lives are in other people's hands: Young people with immune conditions fear coronavirus

Maddy Boehme has Hashimoto's encephalopathy, a rare disorder affecting the brain.

(CNN)As 19-year-old Alyannah Buhman begins her junior year of pre-law studies at Iowa State University, she has ambitions of a career in civil rights law.

She is inspired by her grandfather, a police officer, and by growing up biracial in a small town in which there were only a few Black people.
But living with diabetes during a pandemic presents major challenges to those dreams, most of which aren't immediately obvious. "If you look at me you'd think I was perfectly normal, until you saw a little device sticking out," she said.
    That device checks her blood sugar every few minutes, buzzing if it's too high or too low, and houses a pump that can kick in to deliver insulin. Infections can easily di